Design & Branding – Analysis Paralysis

Design & Branding – Analysis Paralysis


“Analysis paralysis 
— is an anti-pattern, the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.”

The aforementioned term typically bears a negative connotation. It is the catalyst for the most dreadful opportunity cost which is time; however, I believe that this process is par for the course when it comes to logo creation or any design methodology in general.


It takes balls to unveil such a personal creation to the world.

Your creation is being exposed in HD, on stage naked with a crowd full of savvy skeptics.

This dreadful thought is one of the driving forces behind analysis paralysis. The design has to be just right before it is granted permission to come out of hiding.


An alternative perspective is the fact that there is beauty in the imperfections. You should release your art the way it ends up without a care. A few stitches might be a little zigzagged on a t-shirt or the text could be slightly misaligned. These defects could actually give your item a more organic look.


I believe in both The Perfectionist and The Perfectly Imperfect Picasso.

If something is perfect in your eyes. It is PERFECT.
I find beauty in the blemishes while also seeking surgically precise perfection.

To me, there are no absolutes and there are no rules. It’s amazing to have the freedom to create anything you want from an idea in your head.

You own your vision.


The Process

The logo started out fairly simple and it evolved from there. The early versions are vastly different from the final proof.

The process of progressive improvement was analysis paralysis. In this case, it was necessary to prolong the end result because I had a vision that had to come to fruition.

I edited the logo a little bit each day. Changing the words, fonts, sizes, and overall aesthetics of the image. After countless hours, 32 days and 32 revisions, the logo you see here was born. The final product is my take on vintage style branding.

This is one of our flagship logos that will migrate its way on to various articles of clothing and accessories at